Wang Xiongfei, Young Researcher of LZU, publishes a paper in Physical Review Let
                        Recently, Wang Xiongfei, young researcher of School of Physical Science and Technology , Lanzhou University , published the findings entitled “ Measurement of the cross section for e+e-toXi-Xi+barand observation of an excited Xi baryon ” in the nam
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7064.html 2020-02-10 - Latest News
                        Gong Yuanxing, former Ambassador of Chinese Embassy to Senegal, visited LZU.
                        The activity of “Ambassador On Campus” officially kicked off in Yuzhong campus of Lanzhou University on December 19, 2019. Gong Yuanxing, vice president of Wu Jianmin Foundation, former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the P.R.China
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7039.html 2019-12-23 - Latest News
                        LZU leaders attend the World University Presidents Forum
                        From October16 th to 17 th , President Yan Chunhua was invited to attend the World University Presidents Forum held in Nankai University, and discussed “The Mission and Capacity Building of World-Class Universities” with university presidents and h
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7038.html 2019-10-21 - Latest News
                        Dr. Mi La Lurier from European University at St.Peterburg Visited Lanzhou Univ
                        On May 7, at the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Dr. Mi La Lurier, an associate professor of anthropology from European University at St. Petersburg, came to LZU for academic exchanges and gave an excellent lecture &quo
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7022.html 2019-05-13 - Latest News
                        Lanzhou University’s new paper on Nature about Denisovan 0.16 million years ago
                        The Xiahe mandible Geographical location of Baishiya Karst Cave Research team led by Prof. Chen in Baishiya Karst Cave Fieldwork of Prof. Chen’s research team Archaeological investigation in Ganjia Basin, Gansu LZU’s research team in China 2 nd Nat
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/6991.html 2019-05-08 - Latest News
                        The Lanzhou University Men’s Tennis Team Won the Championship of the National C
                        On May 5th, the National College Tennis Championships (Northwest Division) came to an end. The men's tennis team of Lanzhou University (LZU) won the champion ship of the men's group A after a six -match winning streak, and the women ’ s team was in
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7000.html 2019-05-07 - Latest News
                        USA Discovery reports Lanzhou University research group of sand mechanisms
                        Recently, the USA Discovery Channel broadcast a documentary short feature of Prof. Huang Ning, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics of Lanzhou University (LZU) and the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of Western Disaster a
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/6997.html 2019-03-27 - Latest News
                        Torben Mogensen, Winner of Chinese Government Friendship Award visits Lanzhou Un
                        On March 22, Prof. Torben Mogensen of Denmark, winner of the 2018 Chinese Government Friendship Award, and other six renowned experts and scholars from Denmark and Switzerland in the fields of accelerated rehabilitation science and daytime surgery vi
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7008.html 2019-03-24 - Latest News
                        Lanzhou University holds 2019 West Summit on Artificial Intelligence
                        On March 22nd, Lanzhou University held the “2019 West Summit on Artificial Intelligence” and the ”Inauguration Ceremony of Lanzhou University Wenjiao Qiyu Artificial Intelligence Laboratory” . The theme of the summit was “ Opportunity, Innovatio
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/7006.html 2019-03-24 - Latest News
                        University of Muskingum delegation visits Lanzhou University
                        At the invitation of Lanzhou University, the delegation of Susan Kay Hasseler, the President of Muskingum University, visited Lanzhou University on March 8. The Party secretary of LZU, Yuan Zhanting, met with the guests in the VIP room of the Science
                        www.qingdetang.net.cn/static/z/6994.html 2019-03-13 - Latest News









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